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US21 / Professional & Training Services

US21’s strength lies in our capability to provide teams of highly educated and experienced with expertise across a multitude of disciplines for missions across the globe.  Our vetted and qualified expat and local national personnel provide a wide range of support from program management to professional and administrative services, from language assistance to legal advisory support and law enforcement training and mentoring programs.


Our services are designed to help organizations of all types and sizes take full control of their vital organizational information and its delivery. No matter of Company size, you can dramatically improve the way you operate; gaining instant access to the insight you need to create more effective sales and marketing strategies, identify new revenue opportunities, stop fraud and increase profit margins, guarantee regulatory compliance, and put the right processes in place to give you the competitive advantage required.

Our areas of focus include:


    From Strategic Planning through to mobilization and full execution of program parameters, US21 provides complete program management across a diverse selection of market sectors and disciplines worldwide.  The US21 team leverages worldwide relationships with reliable national and international services providers to provide solutions to meet project demands and budget requirements.


    US21 provides training and support missions for government capacity building of law enforcement and civil forces for our foreign government partners.  US21 has a team of experts with years of experience serving as Law Enforcement Advisors and trainers throughout the Middle East.  Our mobile training teams of subject matter experts are ready for deployment to provide the full spectrum of train, assist and mentor of foreign law enforcement personnel and units on subject including but not limited to Law Enforcement Operations, investigation techniques, community policing, and criminal network investigations.


    US21 provides Foreign Service Institute (FSI) proficient translators, interpreters, cultural advisors and Program Managers to key military and government programs, international development projects, private security services and humanitarian initiatives around the world.  Due to our significant presence in the Middle East regions, we specialize in providing language assistance for Arabic to English and English to Arabic.  Our teams of vetted, trained, experienced translators and interpreters are provided translations of verbal and written documentation, course materials and operational manuals and simultaneous/consecutive interpretation serving diplomatic missions abroad.


    The US21 legal advisory team serves in an advisory and mentoring capacity to support capacity building of foreign national institutions in regards to development of rule of law and justice sector improvement.  Highly experienced expat and local national teams advise and assist in various legal disciplines including but not limited to criminal and defense, human rights, military law and local national jurisprudence.

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